Ferm Stylox Gel

Price: $21.00

FERM Stylox Finish Gel beautifully maintains permanent curl and bodypermed hairstyles for fine to medium textured hair.

• Moisturizes bothhair and scalp.

• Activates curl and wave patterns. • Adds body to fine-textured hair and over-processed ends. • Designed to withstand hot, humid climates • Excellent during blow-drying usage to achieve a straight, relaxed hair look. • Available in an 8 oz. (pictured) size.


• Moisturizes both hair and scalp for a healthy looking appearance.

• Builds body and adds fullness to fine-textured hair especially necessary after a   permanent wave service or shampoo.

• Will not stain grey hair and turn hair yellow.

• Does not make hair gummy or tacky in hot humid climates.

• Leaves hair light and fluffy during blow-drying process.